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What is RTI?

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs and includes the following:

1. Highly Qualified Teachers: 

Research based core curriculum utilized with integrity demonstrating a deep understanding of effective instruction; 80% or more students are at

2. Research Based Interventions: 
All intervention curriculum is research-based and research-validated.

3. Pre & Post Testing:
At-risk students are given Diagnostic Assessments if needed to determine why they are struggling.

4. Progress Monitoring:
All students receiving intervention are monitored every other week to determine response to intervention.  Progress data is communicated regularly to classroom teacher/other educators involved with students.

Youth Center Educational Staff

Ms. Irma Arellano: Title I Coordinator
Responsible for securing State and Federal grants

Mr. MIchael Hedges: Teacher
English Language Arts & History

Ms. Kim Cook: Teacher-Certified Special Education 
Science & Math

Mrs.Selina Mate: Instructional Assistant
Provide instructional support to teachers and students

Mr. Otis Davis: Student Support Specialist
Works as a team with school, parents, and the community to provide a complete, developmental counseling program

Mrs. Teri Carter: Student Transitional Specialist
Oversees the transition of students into and out of alternative programs, internal transition within programs, as well as into the community