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Tools for RBT

The Ingham County Youth Center facilitates Rational Behavior Training (RBT) to address youth delinquency and self-defeating behaviors. RBT teaches youth how to make positive changes in their thinking and behavior.  Several tools are used to accomplish this task, including:
Ø  Thinking Chain: finding the connection between situation, thinking, feelings, behavior, and consequences in order to assure a positive outcome

Ø  SAFER: Shelter, Air, Food, Elimination, and Relationships; learning to distinguishing between "needs" and "wants"

Ø  AFROG: Alive, Feelings, Reality, Others, Goals; learning to challenge self-talk and determine if thinking will lead to self-constructive behavior

Ø  Camera View: focusing on the situation as it could be seen instead of felt; providing an unbiased and factual view separate from emotions  

Ø  Rational Self Analysis: shows how beliefs and thoughts affect behavior 

     Ø  Targeted Thinking Report: focuses on patterns of thinking and behavior which consistently lead problems and poor outcomes

Program Goals

Ingham County Youth Center uses a variety of treatment approaches. The central approach is based upon personal responsibility and behavior management. Other approaches include positive peer support and modeling of positive behaviors by detention staff. Participants will be given alternative ways to respond to stressful situations through:
Ø  Group activities
Ø  Role plays
Ø  Worksheets
Ø  Lectures
This allows them to think situations through before they act on self-defeating impulses. Participants will come to understand that how they think affects the way they act.

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