Management Team

Management Team

Annette Ellison - Director

Responsible for management of the Youth Center, a 24-hour operation, and supervises all staff. Interviews, hires, disciplines and terminates staff with the approval of the Family Division administrator. Responsible for the orientation and training of new and existing employees in effective supervision, evaluation, and administration, including behavior management techniques, case plans and goals.

Under the direction of the Youth Center Director, the shift supervisor is responsible for internal operations of the Youth Center during his/her shift. This includes supervision of the personnel on duty. The supervisor on duty must ensure that all program/activities are being conducted according to policies and procedures.
The Detention Facility operates eight hour shifts with the supervisors working ten hour shifts four days a week.

    >Stan Granger
    >Ajaunta Turner
    >Nathan Gundrum
    >Edward Bratchette
    >Darryl Price

Irma Arellano - Grant Coordinator
Responsible for securing State and Federal grants. Ensures compliance with Federal laws, regulations, and policies by reporting data to State and Federal Officials. Responsible for professional and administrative work in researching, identify, developing and responding to public and private sectors for grant opportunities in the areas of education, technology, health and Juvenile Justice/Adolescent at-risk grants.