Training and Development

Ingham County Youth Center is an exception when examining the training needs of the Juvenile Detention Specialist. The Youth Center strives to provide an array of comprehensive training so staff are fully capable of meeting the challenging needs of the youth at the Youth Center The State’s Division of Child Welfare Licensing mandates training in various areas. The Youth Center exceeds those expectations to ensure staff are highly qualified and ready for any situation that may occur. New employees receive 120 hours of orientation training and 80 hours of in-service annually.

The development of facility staff, student interns, and volunteers is an important responsibility of this administration. The Youth Center places a high emphasis on training it's employees. We want new staff to be thoroughly oriented and trained to perform their duties and be able handle any situation that may arise in a secure detention facility. This approach, we believe, will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation and decrease the likelihood of injuries to youth or staff.

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